Blend Your CUSTOM Fragrance!

Blend Your CUSTOM Fragrance!

Blend Your CUSTOM Fragrance NOW!

Create a Signature Fragrance that is Uniquely and only YOURS!


We offer some guidelines...but the creativity is Yours, so have Fun!

We are excited to offer our Fragrance Blending Bar concept to you ... our online customers.

For nearly 4 decades,  we have been creating scents for our customers,

now it's your turn to be the perfumer of your own fragrance creation!

To create your unique, personal, signature fragrance please see our guidelines.

Be creative, be inspired, and let your fun imagination, guide you in

expressing yourself through fragrance creation.

Brief Explanation, with Guidelines to Custom Perfumery

 Much like in music, Fragrances are created using the concept of notes. Perfume notes are broken down into three categories, Top notes, Heart notes and Base notes.

The first step in making perfume is to choose the components you would like to include in each Note.

The second step is to decide the concentration of each note in your fragrance. Remember, some notes are much stronger than others so you might want to adjust the concentration accordingly. For example, Top note of Citrus is light and evaporates quickly, while the Base note of Patchouli can linger for many hours, after other notes have dissipated.  Adjust accordingly.

The third step is to click your choices into the drop-down boxes.

Don't want to follow the guidelines? You are a Free Spirit and you want to use your long-time favorite scents? That is quite alright, we embrace your "knowing your personal favorites"... so go ahead...blend "your way"!  We are here to accommodate Your personal Signature fragrance choices! We have never-ever smelled a "bad custom blend."

If you want only 1 or 2 main components to be dominate in a 4-part custom blend...just simply click on 2 or 3 of the available 4 parts with your favorite... There is nothing wrong with that.  Some customers keep it simple others like to experiment a bit.  If you prefer, then think of the process this way: there is no wrong, there is no right...there is just YOUR Simply be Creative and have fun wity your blend! (remember you can always "Sample" first)


Fragrance Blend Examples

Example:  You love Vanilla and don't want to dramatically change it ...but want to "freshen" it...then add a very fresh, clean musk such as our Nature Scent. So your blend may look something like this:

                Top--Nature Scent

                Heart--Nilla Musk

                Heart--Warm Vanilla Sugar

                Base--Vanilla Bean Supreme

You are still using quite a bit of various Vanilla components...but you are adding a fresh, light, clean quality to it.

Example: You love fresh, Ocean type fragrances, but want something special & unique to you. Consider this:


               Top--Citrus Basil

               Top to Heart--Asia Rain


               Heart--Ocean View

               Heart--Sea Mist

               Heart to Base--Amber, Light

               Base--Evergreen (Pine)


Fragrance Note Categories


Categories are General because fragrances vary ... some fragrances cross-over into two notes.

Look through each Category and jot on paper your thoughts about preferences. 

Look at those written notes, when you choose fragrances for your Custom Blend.

You can change your choices within the drop-down boxes until you click "Buy now"

Have Fun and Enjoy!


Florals--Notes: Heart (some are light, Top notes)

Fruit--Note: Top and Heart

Fresh, clean type--Note: Heart

Food types--Notes:Top, Heart, Base

Herbal-Green--Note: Heart

Musks--Notes: Heart and Base

Ocean type--Note: Heart

Red Berries--Notes: Top and Heart

Spice--Notes: Heart and Base

Wood, Resins--Note: Base

Designer Reproductions-Women

Designer Reproductions-Men


Want to Custom Blend a Gift for a Special Person, but want to"try it" first?

order a sample blend!

Not quite certain about your blending ideas yet?

order a sample blend!



OUR own Unique Idea!


When you order more than 1 custom blend, you will already OWN a THIRD CUSTOM PERFUME!


Just mix some of your 2 custom blends, you have a whole NEW, third creation!

(Just order some empty bottles for mixing!)



Select from 2 different size blends:

 1/2 fl oz bottle-- with 4-Parts Custom Blend (has 4 separate fragrance choices)

1 fl oz bottle-- with 8-Parts Custom Blend (has 8 separate fragrance choices)