Glycerin Soap-Round

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Product Description

Glycerin Soap-Round Glycerin Soaps are the mildest, gentlest soaps on the market. Physicians recommend Glycerin Soap for sensitive skin and people with various skin problems. Our soaps are suitable for all skin-types and will not dry out your skin. You may use the bars directly on the skin or with a sponge, or nylon net-sponge, or wash cloth. Charactistic of all Glycerin Soaps, they will create a very low-level lather. They will however, cleanse the skin very effectively without irritation.

Our 3 oz Round soaps are gentle enough for the face and the most sensitive parts of your body. Ours, is the only brand of soap that some people can ever use. This bar is especially low-lather, but cleanses well without irritation or burning the skin.

Please note: All Glycerin Soaps will melt IF you leave them "in a puddle" of water. Therefore, be sure bar is left on a dry place or a soap saver, after each use.