Gift Drum of Aromatherapy products

Invigorating Gift Drum
Invigorating Gift Drum
Item# gsainvig

Product Description

Invigorating ... to Energize & Awaken Mind & Body

Gift Drum includes:

-5 oz- Invigorating Massage & Bath Oil with botanicals suspended in the oil

-2 oz- Invigorating scented, Moisturizing Body Wash for Shower or Bath

- 8 oz- (1/2 pound) Invigorating Bath Crystals with botanicals in organza pouch

-1 oz- Strong Invigorating Aroma Beads to "to Energize & Awaken Mind & Body" Sprinkled with pretty dried flowers inside clear gift drum + Matching ribbon

(total value of all products is $ 39.00 )