Melt & Pour Soap--43 lb block--CLEAR

Melt & Pour Soap--43 lb block--CLEAR
Item# mpsoapclr43bloc

Product Description

Melt & Pour Soap

Our Melt & Pour soap is not just a novelty! It is the absolute best for your skin! Our soap was formulated by our chemist-friend who was THE CHEMIST who formulated the original Neutrogena soap decades ago! He also formulated Dial Soap bars and Liquid Dial Soap. In addition, he formulated Neutrogena Body Oil, Vitabath, Rainbath and other famous products!

Our chemist IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!! We love him!!!

We have complete instructions for you, when you purchase our Melt-and-Pour Soap. It is so easy,so fun, so creative for the entire family... or for your girl scout projects, school projects, church groups, for re-selling in your own company! Soap craft to give as gifts...and you will be giving the very best! Just add color, fragrance, essential oils, body glitter and make it your own creation!